Does Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Guarantee your career?

Quisque odio eros

During the time that I was studying my BSc, there was always this debate among my classmates about whether they should pursue their education to the Master degree or bachelor degree would be enough for companies to hire them. Personally, I am very keen to carry on my studying until I get my Master degree, but this is not for career purposes. I mainly, interested in Computer Science and I believe there is still a world of knowledge that I should learn. However, my main purpose of this article is to answer to the question that many CS is struggling about. While some jobs like Lawyer or doctor require advanced levels of skills and students need to have advanced certificates to find a job in those sectors, other careers offer numerous job opportunities with just an undergraduate degree. Computer related companies certainly are one of those sectors that only pay attention to your skills and experience not the level of your education. From my personal experience in job interviews I could tell the first question that are asked in a job interview is what is your experience and tell me about some of the projects that you have done. However, I must mention that you need to have very high skills in at least two mainstream programming languages in order to get hired, otherwise there is a very slim chance for you. Computer science is the only science that you could make money from almost everywhere, all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. So, if you think you are a very good web developer, graphite or programmer, getting a Master degree should not be your top priority. You could easily make a lot of money just by selling your products in online stores such as TemplateMonster.com. Self-employment is a big bonus of being a computer scientist. On the other side of the story, obviously, getting a master degree could be very beneficial. Based on a research by Forbes, getting a master degree in computer science could increase your job opportunity by 27% with the median salary of $109,000 annually. Needless to say, the job opportunities come from well-known companies that everyone dream to work there. If your goal is to work in a company like Google or Amazon, your undergraduate degree probably won’t be enough. In this case, think about getting a Master degree from a top university in the USA. Some people like me tend to learn a specific subject in depth. Therefore, Master program would be a great chance for them to learn various aspects of that subject. Although, I should mention this comes at a price. Living in a short budget, busy weekends and long nights searching about an article are parts of these two long years. Grad schools open up a lot of exciting subjects for you to explore and with some creativity you might end up doing something big. In conclusion, you have to think for a few days and be honest with yourself. After that, deep in your heart, you know which category of the above applies to you. I know, most big computer scientists like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg left university to pursue their dreams, but their just the lucky 1% of the people who end up being very successful, think about the other 99% who does not have anything to present when they enter a job interview, so THINK WISELY! References: http://www.forbes.com/2011/06/06/best-masters-degrees-for-jobs_slide_3.html

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