Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is it the right choice?

Quisque odio eros

Over the course of previous years, Microsoft has made some drastic mistakes. It all started when they bought Nokia for $7 billion deal. After just a few months they lay off over 12,500 of Nokia employees to show that their plan did not work as they expected it. With introduction of Windows 8, everyone assumed the company will be back in its leading role again, but this was another failure for Microsoft. Where the global share data shows only 9.3% of market use windows 8 and this percentage is also dropping as we move forward. Finally, Microsoft Surface 3, was the leading product that balanced the sinking ship for a little bit. Microsoft, proudly announced that sales of its Surface tablets had more than doubled both year over year and sequentially, to $908 million. They are hopeful to reach the $1 billion revenue very soon. Although Microsoft believes this is a very big triumph for them, I think they should still regard this as a failure with respect to immensity of a company like Microsoft. To prove my point, I share the statistics that Apple released at the same time about IPad series. IPad sales have dropped over 13% for another year making their sales to 12.3 million units. Their revenue was $5.3 billion. So, if you compare the revenues, Apple has topped Microsoft with more than 5 times better revenue. What went wrong in selling Surface pro 3? First and the most downfall is the very high price that they ask for this tablet. On 17th of January 2015, Amazon sells the cheapest Pro 3 for $772.99 which is very high for a tablet. On the other hand, you could buy Apple IPad air 4 for just $419.99. It is true that specification of Surface Pro 3 is outstanding, but unless rare cases, most people do not need a powerful tablet. Everyday use of tablet for most people is socializing, games, entertainment and surfing in the internet. Any average tablet could easily fulfil those requirements. For a person who has always been a fan of Microsoft and its products I think they need to review their strategies on the products they release. Surface series could still make a leading role in tablet industry if they reduce the specification and naturally the price. Although, Windows 8 might be failure on personal computers, on tablet it is the best operating system that you could find. And finally, like what Apple did with invention of IPad and IPhone, Microsoft should try to be creative on its own way, not to follow the market. Xbox is a world of opportunity, it is only need a look from outside the box.

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