My tribute to a legend!

Quisque odio eros

With different age comes different legends and special characters that are always remains in our mind. As for my generation cherished every second of Daddy long-leg or Captain Tsubasa, or listened to Micheal Jackson and West Life, these names certainly does not ring any bells today for a 13 year old who loves Justin Bieber. However, there are some people who are respected as a legend to any age range. Steven Gerrard is certainly one of them, a legend who is worshiped by Liverpool fans and respected by any avid football fan. I started to follow Liverpool football team from 2000, but it was from 2003 that I became one of the Kop. As a person who always like to assist and control the team rather than scoring goals, Stevie G caught my eyes. His style of play, ruthless shots and inch-prefect passes made him my favourite player. His style of play has been an inspiration for many players such as Danielle De Rossi who tells “Gerrard has been my idol for 10 years and is one of the best players in the world. He is the example of what all midfield players aspire to. He is always there in the heat of the battle, leading by example. He is everywhere you look – in defence, in the middle of the pitch and in attack. I would love to be close to that level”. When he succeeded to become LFC captain after Sami Hyypia I knew we were going to watch a more evolved Gerrard at the pitch and he definitely could be considered the best skipper that Liverpool ever had. He might have not won the Premier League, but he single-handedly brought Liverpool UCL and of course you can never forget about that last minute screamer against West ham in F.A cup final in 2006. His team mate Jordan Henderson describes Gerrard as “probably the best player this country has ever seen – not only as a player, but also as a leader and a captain.” In his International career, like many other English talents he could not achieve any trophies. In my opinion, this is due to high number of games and the pressure that is in English cups. Overall, he finished his career in International games with 114 caps and 21 goals, made him the third most caps player after Peter Shilton and David Beckham. To sum it up, Like many other players these days he could have left Liverpool and join Barca or Real Madrid to win many trophies, but he decided to stay and carry the team that he loves forward. Certainly, without Gerrard Liverpool would have had major crisis. You could see the lack of leadership in the team when Gerrard is on the bench or injured. Over 180 goals in 695 appearances for Liverpool for a midfielder is extraordinary statistics. Deep in my heart I know this is not the end for Gerrard and Liverpool, I can see the day he walks into the Anfield as Liverpool manager and sings You’ll Never Walk Alone with fans. If there is one man that could bring back the glory days to Liverpool, that’s certainly our captain fantastic STEVEN GERRARD. YNWA mate.

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