The difference between “Can we do it” and “Should we do it”

Quisque odio eros

Without any doubt, enhancement of technology has helped us to do our chores without making a sweat. But, I believe humanity has become too much dependent on it and also has overused this feature in some cases where it was unnecessary. There is a great saying from Albert Einstein about involving technology in our lifestyle, He says “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. I come across this issue almost every day, from a taxi driver that cannot drive without a GPS navigator, to a web designer that thinks he should use all of the special effects available on CMS tools such as WordPress. Maybe the most obvious one that we all observe is the special effects on Hollywood movies. Exaggeration and indulgence are clearly visible in some of those movies. Our world is contained with many eye-catching landscapes and we could use those places for shooting instead of making a virtual site with numerous special effects that would even take super computers hours to render the picture. The question that rises with this debate is whether technology has actually improved our lives or it has made it worse. Let me show my point of view of a day without a technology, so just close your eyes for a minute and imagine a world where there is no Facebook or Instagram and you have to go and have conversation with other people for socializing or you do not care how pretty your food is, all you care is its taste. Sounds nice and possibly familiar for some of you, right? Sure, you might not be able to check your emails on the move or not be able to video chat with your loved ones on a bus, but if you compare pros and cons, I think we’re better off without advanced technology. Imagine in 10 years’ time from now, where even cars are automatic and all you have to do is sit and type in the address, to me as a car enthusiasm who love to drive and feel the engine when you press the gas heavily, this sounds like a nightmare. There is a very simple solution to this, make some principles for yourself. We all have some of these rules in our homes, for instance no cell phones while you are eating, or try to set a standard timeframe for the amount of time you like to spend on the internet, go and call at your loved ones more often and less socialising from social networks, so you actually have something to talk when you see each other. These are very obvious rules that could make our lives simpler and more enjoyable for some of us, it might be hard to follow at first, but after a while you get used to it and you could actually feel the difference!

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