Immigration, it’s not for everyone!

Quisque odio eros

As a person who lived in the west(London) for three years as a student, the most common question that i was asked during the years after i moved back to Iran is “How could we apply to universities?” or “What’s the fastest way to immigrate?”. Limitations, unemployment and many other reasons have encouraged many people here in Iran to take any measures to depart this country forever! Even if that’s going to be extremely dangerous like crossing the borders of Turkey with Cartels or conceal in a ship that is traveling to Greece or Australia. The question that raises when i come across to some of these people is have they actually thought this through?! A large number of people think living in the west is very similar to what they see on TV shows. A luxurious life where you get to buy a house, car and you find your soul mate and live happily ever after! What most of them are unaware of is how difficult might be for some of them to adapt to the style of life in the west, how long would it take to find a suitable job and even if you find one you have to start from step one, because whether you like it or not everything in there is systematic in there and unlike Iran you cannot start as a CEO. Cultural difference is another issue, it will definitely take some time to know appropriate and dis appropriate manners in the country that you live and some of them might be hard for you to swallow. But, maybe the most vital issue would be living far away from your family, when i say it will be really hard to live away from your family, the immediate response that i receive is “we’re not that close”, “ I’m sure i could cope with it” but what they don’t know is that you have to be in the situation to realize how crucial a family is to you. On the other hand , there are surely many advantages in immigration that you could benefit from. For beginning, the economy is stable, so you could actually have a plan for your life, unlike in Iran where the prices might be doubled in a night. Life is easier, there would be no interference in your life and also everything from shopping to driving is easier and you could be more relaxed. In case you have children, they could have a better future without any doubt in advanced countries where they are taught with latest technologies and discoveries. In conclusion, I hope you take into consideration pros and cons before you immigrate, do not feel obliged to do it because everyone else is doing it. It is vital to bear in mind that if you regret immigration after you immigrate it could have irreversible consequences.Also, if you think there is no other way left for you, then immigration is the wise choice for you.

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