NSA, the other side of story

Quisque odio eros

It has been over a year since Edward Snowden disclosed hundreds of documents about NSA and the level of their surveillance observation. There has been numerous debates since Snowden leaked these controversial and sensitive documents. Some people believe this is the breach of privacy and entering inside people’s personal life and some suggest that this is just a precaution to avoid terrorist attacks. As a person who studied computer science for almost 8 years and familiar with the level of encryption that is possible to do to send data and messages, i believe NSA doing what is necessary to protect civilians. We all know the level of threat that is coming from extremists around the world every day. People who are firmly stand by their religious and political view and are ready to sacrifice their lives for it. Today, in a world where you can send hundred megabytes of data within minutes, these people can easily contact with each other in any part of the world and exchange information through messaging, torrent or other types of communications software. The need of some organizations to monitor these communications is vital, Therefore, NSA could be a great asset to monitor extremists and their activities. I know the feeling of being watched all the time and tracking your online activities is not good, but if that is the cost of being safe and walk freely in the street, personally i have no argument with that. Living in world where folks respect your privacy, no one makes a suicide attempt, and everyone respect your religion, race and political views sound very exciting, but we all know that utopia does not exist anymore. I do not have any plans to join NSA nor enjoy these types of careers, but I think we need these type of organizations because world is not very beautiful anymore.

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