Productivity Obsession

Quisque odio eros

Today, we live in a world where productivity plays a major role. But, i think sometimes this turns to an obsession. I mean we try to label things or activities as useful or useless , but we never pay attention to other facts of that activity. Why should we paint everything black or white when there is a whole world of colours out there! Why shouldn’t we do something just for fun. Even in medium, we could write our intersting or funny stories. Making someone a little smile could change his or her day completely( at least it changes mine). Life is not always about science, money, or programming in my case. Sometimes it should be about fun, love, family. I think it’s in our nature to cherish things when they’re gone and take it for granted while we have them. Overall, what i’m trying to say is HAVE FUN and enjoy every second of life! Take care folks.

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