How Parallel Database and Query Optimizer work together!

Today Database systems are an inseparable part of every business in any industry. In the space of 20 years, the field of database has become so powerful that it is funded roughly 10USD billion just for research purposes. Database systems started in 1960s with file systems. From then, they started to improve gradually. Navigational databases, Relational database systems and NoSQL databases are some of the systems that have been developed during this period. Improvement of technology, higher...


Does Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Guarantee your career?

During the time that I was studying my BSc, there was always this debate among my classmates about whether they should pursue their education to the Master degree or bachelor degree would be enough for companies to hire them. Personally, I am very keen to carry on my studying until I get my Master degree, but this is not for career purposes. I mainly, interested in Computer Science and I believe there is still a world of knowledge that I should learn. However, my main purpose of this article is...


Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is it the right choice?

Over the course of previous years, Microsoft has made some drastic mistakes. It all started when they bought Nokia for $7 billion deal. After just a few months they lay off over 12,500 of Nokia employees to show that their plan did not work as they expected it. With introduction of Windows 8, everyone assumed the company will be back in its leading role again, but this was another failure for Microsoft. Where the global share data shows only 9.3% of market use windows 8 and this percentage is...


My tribute to a legend!

With different age comes different legends and special characters that are always remains in our mind. As for my generation cherished every second of Daddy long-leg or Captain Tsubasa, or listened to Micheal Jackson and West Life, these names certainly does not ring any bells today for a 13 year old who loves Justin Bieber. However, there are some people who are respected as a legend to any age range. Steven Gerrard is certainly one of them, a legend who is worshiped by Liverpool fans and...


The difference between “Can we do it” and “Should we do it”

Without any doubt, enhancement of technology has helped us to do our chores without making a sweat. But, I believe humanity has become too much dependent on it and also has overused this feature in some cases where it was unnecessary. There is a great saying from Albert Einstein about involving technology in our lifestyle, He says “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. I come across this issue almost every day,...


Immigration, it’s not for everyone!

As a person who lived in the west(London) for three years as a student, the most common question that i was asked during the years after i moved back to Iran is “How could we apply to universities?” or “What’s the fastest way to immigrate?”. Limitations, unemployment and many other reasons have encouraged many people here in Iran to take any measures to depart this country forever! Even if that’s going to be extremely dangerous like crossing the borders of Turkey with Cartels or...


NSA, the other side of story

It has been over a year since Edward Snowden disclosed hundreds of documents about NSA and the level of their surveillance observation. There has been numerous debates since Snowden leaked these controversial and sensitive documents. Some people believe this is the breach of privacy and entering inside people’s personal life and some suggest that this is just a precaution to avoid terrorist attacks. As a person who studied computer science for almost 8 years and familiar with the level of...


Productivity Obsession

Today, we live in a world where productivity plays a major role. But, i think sometimes this turns to an obsession. I mean we try to label things or activities as useful or useless , but we never pay attention to other facts of that activity. Why should we paint everything black or white when there is a whole world of colours out there! Why shouldn’t we do something just for fun. Even in medium, we could write our intersting or funny stories. Making someone a little smile could change his or...


What is blog about!

First of all welcome to my blog. In here, I usually post notes that i have written in Medium Website and it is not necessarily about Computers. I'll try to post some computer-related material for people who like to learn about programming. I hope you enjoy It!